An exquisite pen with a unique opening mechanism. A beautiful creative tool designed to give the best performance and capable of accept.


Simplicity, quality, function and innovation have been the central tenets during the design process throughout this project. We wanted to break away from the standards in the pen market while achieving a high end device at an affordable price.


The mechanism we designed for this pen is completely unique, yet intuitive and reliable. We wanted to transcend the classical twisting or clicking mechanisms by developing this precise and user friendly piece of engineering.

Empty Memory

An new USB drive concept - the sculptural shape contains a physical emptiness, giving the metaphor that you can fill the space with your own memory.


The design of Empty Memory was considered as "micro sculpture" or "micro architecture".  The form no longer contains a micro chip or circular board, it contains a invisible space that links to your memory. 


Empty Memory is a jewellery collection that works as USB memory sticks. Every single piece was casted in high-quality 316 stainless steel, hand-polished by craftsmen and finished with various colours.