SILO Wall Clock

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A kinetic sculpture that alters its shape through time

Silo is a simplistic sculptural clock designed to create an interesting aesthetic appeal through the use of an angular hour and minute hands that play on mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms. It is not just a clock. It is a kinetic sculpture that alters its shape through time.

Pick a nice spot in your house and imagine how Silo could change the space. Use the clock with or without the time markers. Installing them is extremely easy. We’ve included an installation template and all the markers are self-adhesive. Insert the battery, hang the clock, it’s simply that easy.

  • 12 smoked grey acrylic 3M adhesive markers included
  • Wall fittings included
  • Full-size template included, no need to take measurement
  • Quick Installation
  • Silent German Movement

Dimensions — Ø61-87cm

Minute Hand Disk — Powder coated Aluminium
Minute Hand: Powder coated Steel
Hour Hand — Aluminium
Movement Case — Steel
UTS Quartz movement — Plastic
Time Markers — Acrylic

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    How to read time

    7:14 AM
    2:57 PM
    5:05 PM
    Quality made

    Silo features a precise German-made movement which is silent enough to make it ideal for living room and bedroom.
    The clock parts are made of metal, high quality steel movement case, minute hand and aluminium hour hand

    Easy install

    With a full size template there is no need to take measurement.
    Installing the markers is also very easy, simply remove protection peel from the back of the markers and stick them to the wall.

    Adapt to any space

    The template

    We designed a 1:1 template with 24 cut-outs to make the clock adaptable to any room/wall size. The outer ring is Ø87cm and the smaller one is Ø70cm.


    Three shiny colours to choose from.

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    Fast shipping

    Express: 3-5 business days available