Curvo & Orbis launch - Beyond Object

Curvo & Orbis launch

Nov 05, 2019


Meet our new products Curvo & Orbis, two new wall clocks with pastel tones and clean minimalistic lines. The idea behind the two design is to move away from the flat time telling piece and create something that manifest its presence in the space and can play with it like architecture with the surrounding landscape.

 Curvo Clock - a clock capable of blending in your interior space. It can curve along the corner, column or shelf, either inward or outward as if it’s melting.

Orbis Clock - a sculptural and dramatic timepiece that define its face with a three-dimensional suspended ring, creating the illusion of freezing a moment in time.

One major feature of the clocks is their versatility. Three different hour hand designs are included with the clock so the owner can choose the one that fits the clock the best; the clock face is also adjustable: the dial can be oriented in any direction, creating versatile looks of the design.

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