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How to read the time

10:10 AM 1:23 PM
10:10 AM
1:23 PM


With its colours and clean design Silo fits beautifully in any space.


Living room Bedroom Kitchen

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Living room


With a full size template there is no need to take measurement. Installing the markers is also very easy, simply remove protection peel from the back of the markers and stick them to the wall.

How to install

Place the template Stick the markers Remove the template Install Silo clock Enjoy!
Place the template
Stick the markers
Remove the template
Install Silo clock


Silo features a precise German-made movement which is silent enough to make it ideal for living room and bedroom. The clock parts are made of metal, high quality steel movement case, minute hand and aluminium hour hand.


The German quartz movement is a reliable and accurate timekeeping technology produced by one of the biggest the German watch manufacturer

A clock as wall decor

"I had just moved into a new apartment in London and I needed something to fill an empty wall. I did not want more frames or posters but something functional like a wall clock. Many designs were quite small and I couldn't find anything that went with my style. So I designed one."

Hanhsi Chen

Beyond Object founder

"Everyone that sees the clock comments how cool it looks"

David B.

Elevate your space

SILO Clock - Gold - Beyond Object
Copy of SILO Wall Clock - Beyond Object


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Time markers can be easily adjusted according to the room space


For bigger spaces

Ø 88 cm / 34.3 in.

For smaller spaces

Ø 70 cm / 27.5 in.

Without time markers

Ø 61 cm / 24 in.

For bigger spaces
For smaller spaces
Without time markers


• Silo clock

• Installation Template / Instructions

• 12 Adhesive Time markers

• Wall screw

• Durable Wall plug


The clock has a flexible sizing. The markers can be installed at 70-87cm / 27.5-34.3"

Definitely, this clock uses a German made made movement without second hand. That's why it is quiter than a normal clock.

The clock use x1 AA battery (non rechargeable)

We do not recommend Silo for the outdoor use.

About 5cm / 2"

Yes! The package includes a high quality wall plug and a metal screw.

The time markers are 3M adhesive and they can be easily installed using the included template.

The hands are Aluminium and steel made.

Simply rotate the green wheel located on the clock movement.