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How to Install Silo Clock

Mar 16, 2024

Installing a silo clock is an effortless task that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. With its user-friendly design and simple instructions, setting up a silo clock is a breeze for anyone. 

Step 01: Place the template

Fix the template to the wall firmly, ensuring it is straight, flat and without any creases.

Use removable tape to prevent surface damage.

Only install the markers on smooth and flat wall surfaces. Ensure that the lowest point of the bottom marker is taller than your kid’s height in case of an accident; also keep away all the small components from kid(s).


Step 02: Fix the markers

Remove the backing from the markers, and place in the desired location.

You can place 4 or 12 markers in either the large or the small diameter.


Step 03: Mark the center

With a pencil, mark the center point where a hole will be drilled.


Step 04: Remove the template 

Carefully remove the template, leaving the markers in place.

Take extra care to prevent surface damage.


Step 05: Drill the hole

Drill a hole through the pencil mark.

Make sure the hole is slightly angled so the screw will be tilting slightly upward. 


Step 06: Insert the wall plug

Insert the plastic wall plug into the drilled hole, then use a screwdriver to insert the screw.

Make sure the screw is tilting slightly upward so that it can support firmly the clock.


Step 07: Remove the clock from the package

Never hold, handle or pull the clock away from the disc, always hold the movement case.

Failure to do so will damage the movement and void the warranty.


Step 08: Adjust the time

To adjust the time, use the time adjustment wheel located on the back of the movement.

Never adjust the time by pushing the hour or minute hands. Failure to do so will damage the clock. 


Step 09: Insert the battery

Insert x1 AA battery into the back of the clock. 

Use only high quality AA Battery, a low quality or expired battery could damage the clock and void the warranty. Please also avoid rechargeable battery.


Step 10: Install the clock

Fix the clock to the screw in the wall, ensuring the back is completely flush to the surface.

Always remember to hold the movement case, not the disk, when fixing the clock on the wall.


Step 11: Thanks!






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