ALIGN Ballpoint Pen

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The world’s first dislocated twist pen ever made.

With its pen body dislocated in the middle, tempting you to “align” the shape and activate the pen’s function. It is an exquisite pen that breaks the norm of pen design, creating an elegant piece of micro sculpture with functionality. 


Dimensions — Ø8.5mm x H14cm

Weight — 26 grams (with refill)

Material — Anodised aluminium

Refill Type — D1 Refill (Included)

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Ballpoint refill

A ballpoint pen is going to be the best for all-purpose, everyday writing: works well on all types of paper and dries quickly. 

Dislocated mechanism

The innovative off-centered twist mechanism is precisely put together inside this tiny object. It took two years of research and development to bring this complicated mechanism to life.

CNC Made

The pen is carefully crafted in hi-grade aluminium, precisely machined machined from a solid Aluminium rod

A playful sculpture

With its pen body dislocated in the middle, the pen tempts you to “align” the shape and activate the pen’s function.

No rolling

The unique asymmetrical design prevents the pen from rolling.

Smooth writing experience

The tip fits the pen body precisely with zero-gap, which provides stability and smooth writing experience. It is an incredibly versatile pen, perfect for everyday use.


Dimensions — Ø8.5mm x H14cm
Weight — 26 grams (with refill)
Material — Anodised aluminium
Refill Type — D1 Refill (Included)